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Our Brand Essence

Our company started just like yours: With a dream. With risk. With inspiration.
With a vision.

We were born from a passion for art, for imagining innovative uses of technology, and for telling brand stories in ways that had never been done before. We were “over it” — the marketing mediocrity and rehashed ideas we saw recycled as “strategy.” These ideals function our fuel.

By listening to our clients, by treating their clients and prospective customers as our own, we’re able to inhabit brands, to understand holistically what drives them, what motivates their consumers. As we worked to build strategies and creative that inspired them, we also found we were inspiring ourselves.

Overit Services

How We Do It.



Doing the research to map the KPIs that matter to build the marketing plan that gets you there. Strategy rests at the heart of what we do.


Traditional Marketing

Utilizing the same segmentation, hyper-local targeting, and performance tracking of digital and applying them to your PR, OOH, and traditional buys.



A full-fledged creative team and an in-house recording and visual studio to support your marketing efforts. Graphic designers, animators and motion designers, audio specialists, videographers, and more.



Evaluate ROI by measuring from lead to sale, using real-time digital dashboards to quantify not just the cost to attract a lead, but to convert a lead to a customer.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We build comprehensive digital marketing strategies inclusive of search engine optimization, online and programmatic advertising, social media, email marketing, automation, and more.



Whether it’s an e-commerce website, a mobile or voice application, or a forward-thinking VR/AR world, we create modern, seamless, and functional user environments.