The 2023 Pest Control

Digital Marketing 

Trends Report

Looking for the latest trends in pest control marketing?

We've got you covered.

Learn the Channels, Strategies, and Techniques Pest Control Marketers are Focused on in 2023

Our yearly Pest Control Marketing Trends Report provides vital insights into the effectiveness of marketing channels and emerging strategies and techniques you can use to grow your business. This year's topics include:

  • Why you should be investing in Google Local Services 
  • How to leverage growth marketing to both attract new customers and retain the ones you have 
  • What channels bring in the most ROI
  • What is deemed effective vs ineffective by pest control marketers
  • How to make your content marketing work for you 
  • Addressing the elephant in the room: Employee recruitment and retention during the "great reshuffle" 
  • Why brand remains essential 
  • And more!

We gathered data from our clients, we surveyed the top pest control companies, and this report captures everything you need to know about marketing your brand in 2023. You won’t find these insights anywhere else!

Meet The Authors

It's not impossible to be successful on your own, but it's not easy either. Leverage our team's years of research and experience to stay ahead of the curve and help your pest control company flourish.

Dan Dinsmore

As Founder and Principal of Overit, Dan has led the charge in recent years to push pest control marketing forward. These forward-thinking efforts have led to successful sales growth and technology implementation for each of Overit’s pest control clients.

Richard Skiermont

Richard is a creative director and designer with over 37 years of experience developing creative brand strategies, marketing programs, and hands-on design solutions for various local, regional, and national pest control clients.

Devin Dinsmore

Devin has spent the last 3 years at Overit working closely with pest control companies to develop successful content and brand strategies and to improve web visibility using on-page search engine optimization (SEO). 

Katie Sorce

Katie is a marketing and content strategist who creates a variety of content for Overit and our clients, including blogs, videos, webinars, and more. She also assists with research and brand recommendations.

Dan O'leary

Dan has worked with family owned small businesses to fortune 500 companies, including those in the pest control field. Dan is a search engine optimization (SEO) whiz, with extensive experience in website auditing, keyword research, and the finer points of technical SEO.

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